Cape Miyakozaki and Kuninao Village Walk


  • Explore the coastal areas and pathways surrounded by Fukugi trees.
  • Take a walk grassy fields lush with Ryukyu bamboo.
  • Enjoy the scenic beauty of both the sea and land.

Between the mountains and the sea lies the Kuninao village where people live. Since ancient times, the locals have been harmoniously coexisting with nature. We will explore the village’s preserved landscape and its surrounding nature through walking. Let’s take a stroll through the dense groves of Ryukyu bamboo that grow on the cape. Throughout history, this plant has been closely tied to the lives of the village inhabitants.


Pick-up at your hotel
Arrival at Kuninao village

Explore Cape Miyakozaki

Let’s walk towards Cape Miyakosaki. Observe the nature preserved by the locals. (The round trip is 4 kilometers, including 180 steps.)

Take a break at the scenic cape

Coffee and snacks will be served.

Explore the village

Take a walk and discover the village. How have the villagers coexisted with nature?

Boregura (Traditional grain storehouse)

Drive 5 minute by car. Visit a traditional grain storehouse.

Drop-off at your hotel

At a glance

Duration3 hours ~ (2 hours Activity + transfer)
Pickup time9:00AM / 2:00PM
Drop-off time1:00AM / 6:00PM
Price1 Adult (13+) ¥9,900
1 Child ¥4,000
Single person ¥17,000
Max number of participants6 people
What to bringHat or Cap, Shoes, Sandals, Towel, Drink, Sunscreen, Bug spray
PaymentCash / Credit card

What’s Included?

  • Qualified English Interpreter Guide
  • Registered Amami Oshima eco-tour guide
  • Round-trip transfers to the hotel.
  • Domestic Travel Accident and Damage Compensation Insurance for Accidents during the Tour

Additional info

  • For those who are not confident in their physical fitness, we can provide an alternative route that involves a short car ride and avoids the staircase.
    However, please note that the walking distance will remain the same.
  • In case of strong winds or rain, we will take a break under a sheltered area instead of resting at the cape.
  • You can also request tea instead of coffee.


Is it held in case of rain?

It is conducted in rainy weather. However, if heavy rain or various warnings are issued, we will assess the situation and there may be cases where it is canceled.

Will we walk in the forest?

We will walk on forest path during the tour. The path is paved, but there are ups and downs along the way, with a total round-trip distance of 4 kilometers.

Are there any dangers from Habu snakes?

While daytime is not the active period for Habu snakes, it’s important to exercise caution while walking. Please always follow the guide’s instructions.

Cancellation policy

  • 3 days prior : 50% refund
  • 2 days prior : No refund (100% cancellation fee)
  • 1 day prior : No refund (100% cancellation fee)
  • On the day of the tour : No refund (100% cancellation fee)

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Cape Miyakozaki and Kuninao village walk

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