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Mangrove tours

Morning Mangrove Kayaking Tour

A man kayaking through the tunnel of mangrove trees.

Private Mangrove Kayaking Tour

Wildlife tours

Wildlife Night Tour

Mini Nature Walk and Wildlife night Tour

Mt.Yuwandake Nature Walk and Wildlife Night Tour

Forest tours

1 Day Mt. Yuwandake Cloud Forest Tour

A couple enjoying the view of a waterfall.

Half-Day Mt.Yuwandake and Materia Waterfall Tour

Kinsakabaru National Forest Walking Tour

Cultural tours

Participants who successfully create their unique Dorozome craft.

1 Day Dorozome (Mud dyeing) and Local Nature Experience

4 Hours Oshima Tsumugi and Mud-dyeing Experience

Other tours

The woman walked along the beach during sightseeing tour.

Amami Oshima Island One-Day Sightseeing Tour

Women is doing snorkeling.

Amami Oshima 1.5 hours Snorkeling Tour

Multi-day tours

3days Amami adventure tour