Weather and Clothes

December to February

During this season, the temperatures are at their lowest point of the year. Although the minimum temperature may not seem too low at 9 degrees, the cold north wind can be quite strong. It is advisable to prepare a warm jacket, such as a compressible down jacket that can fit in your bag. Additionally, this season sees a lot of rain, so make sure to have a raincoat. It is recommended to layer several thin clothing items, especially when participating in the tour, as you can easily remove layers if you get too warm. Wearing a lightweight long-sleeved shirt as an additional layer is also a good idea.

March to May

From March, the temperature gradually starts to rise, but the precipitation is still high. By the end of March or the beginning of April, the sea opens up, and on sunny days, the temperature also increases, allowing for swimming in the sea. It is recommended to wear light long-sleeved shirts and jackets during March and April. In May, the temperature can reach around 25 degrees, making it a comfortable time to wear short-sleeved shirts and shorts. From mid-May, the rainy season begins.

June to September

June is the rainy season with the highest amount of precipitation. Prepare a raincoat or waterproof jacket, and also bring sandals as shoes may get wet. July and August are the hottest months of the year. The temperature can exceed 30 degrees, and humidity is high. It is recommended to wear short sleeves and shorts, but be sure to protect yourself from sunburn. Wearing a rash guard or similar clothing is also a good idea when participating in activities. Additionally, this is the season when typhoons are more likely to occur. September brings some relief from the heat, but precautions against the summer heat, similar to August, are still necessary.

October to November

Autumn is a season that is slightly cooler than summer and comfortable to spend in. Mornings and evenings may feel a bit chilly, so it is recommended to carry a light jacket. October, in particular, has many sunny days and pleasant weather. You can still enjoy swimming in the sea until the end of October. As November approaches, temperatures gradually decrease and there are more cloudy and rainy days.