Unique experiences only on Amami Oshima

There is a unique craft that you can only find on Amami Oshima in the world. It’s mud dyeing or Dorozome as it is known in Japanese. Mud dyeing is one of the processes used to create Oshima Tsumugi fabric. Through this process, the fabric is dyed a glossy black. You can experience mud dyeing as an activity in Amami Oshima.

What’s Dorozome?

Originally, mud dyeing is a technique used to dye silk threads before they became fabric. Oshima Tsumugi uses a method called “pre-dyeing,” where threads with colors and dots are first created, and then woven into patterned fabric. In a mud dyeing experience, you can choose materials such as T-shirts, scarves, or handbags, decide on a design, and then dye them.

Tour Schedule

1. Observing the Oshima Tsumugi Production Process

You will visit a facility where you can observe the entire process from design to weaving the fabric, and learn about the interesting history and craftsmanship of Oshima Tsumugi fabric.

Participants observing artisans engaged in weaving on a loom.

2. Visiting the Dorozome workshop

You will visit the workshop of a traditional mud dyeing craftsman. After receiving an explanation about mud dyeing, the hands-on experience will begin.

3. Designing the pattern

Participants decide on the design of their T-shirts together with the craftsman.

First, you will choose a pattern. You can design your favorite pattern, such as lines, gradients, or tornadoes. The craftsman will assist you with the design.

4. Sharinbai Dyeing

Participants dye fabric with sharinbai broth.

We don’t immediately dye with mud. We dye with a special plant broth called “Sharinbai” several times. The reason for this is…

5. Dorozome

People participating in mud dyeing experiences in the mud field.

After dyeing several times with Sharinbai, we proceed to mud dyeing. Please pay attention to how the color of the fabric changes.

Depending on the weather, we may use makeshift mud tubs for dyeing instead of mud fields.

Participants are trying mud dyeing in mud tub.

6. Complete!

Participants showcasing crafts created through mud dyeing.

Your own original craft is now complete!

Available Tour

Link Adventures’ mud dyeing plans all include transportation and interpreter services.

4 Hours Oshima Tsumugi & Mud Dyeing Tour

This is the standard plan, which includes a tour of the Oshima Tsumugi production process and a mud dyeing experience.

Duration 4hours~
Price (Size of Group / Price per person)
1 / ¥25,000
2 / ¥15,000
3 / ¥13,000
4~ / ¥11,000

1 Day Dorozome (Mud dyeing) & Local Nature Tour

It’s a full-day tour including Oshima Tsumugi and mud dyeing tour, along with a nature walk and lunch. You’ll also see the essential nature of Amami Oshima for Oshima Tsumugi.

Duration 7hours~
Price (Price per person)
1 Adult (13+) ¥20,000
1 Child ¥13,000
Single person ¥36,000