Let’s Meet Endemic Wildlife in Amami Oshima! About Night Tour

Hello everyone,
Today, I’d like to write the details of the Wildlife Night Tour. This night tour is one of the most popular nature tours in Amami Oshima Island. I’ll be introducing the tour’s itinerary and its highlights.

Attraction of the Night Tour ①: Encounter Various Creatures

Amami Oshima, registered as a World Heritage site due to its rich biodiversity, is home to many rare animals. Most of these creatures are nocturnal, so you might encounter them by joining a night tour.

Amami Rabbit is on the road
Amami rabbit
Amami woodcock
Amami Ishikawa’s frog

Attraction of the Night Tour ②: Participate on Your Arrival Day

While it’s nice to relax at the hotel on the day you arrive, how about making efficient use of your time by joining the night tour? The tour begins after 6 PM, so you can rest a bit at your hotel before participating.

Attraction of the Night Tour ③: Observe Animals from Inside the Car

Unlike daytime hiking tours, the night tour allows you to observe animals from the comfort of your car. As you slowly drive along the forest roads, you can search for creatures in a relaxed manner. Of course, there’s no need to worry about encountering venomous snakes.

A boy is looking for animals from the car.

The Flow of the Night Tour

  • 6:00 PM: Pick up from your hotel or meet at Nagahama Minato Park. The meeting time depends on sunset time.
  • Drive to the mountains by car.
  • The night tour begins. Drive slowly along approximately 10 km of road while searching for wildlife.
  • When wildlife is spotted, observe them slowly. While the observation is primarily from inside the car, you can step out to observe creatures like frogs.
  • After the roughly two-hour tour, return to your hotel.


The night tour is an enjoyable experience for everyone, from children to the elderly. The private guide allows you to relax and enjoy the tour in comfort. For more details and to book the tour, please visit the Wildlife Night Tour page.