Pick-up and Drop-off Guidelines

Link Adventures provides transfer services for participants in our tours. For customers who wish to use our transfer service, we will charge the actual cost of the transfer (fuel fee) to the tour price based on the following criteria.

The method of calculating the fees

The fee will be calculated based on the distance from Naze or the distance off the route connecting Naze and the tour destination, at a rate of ¥20 per kilometer.

(Example) If participants in the Mangrove Kayak Tour request round-trip transfers to Amami Airport
Total distance for pick-up and drop-off from Naze to Amami Airport: approximately 120 km
Fee: 120 km × ¥20 = ¥2,400

Free Area

(1) Transfers to Amami City Naze district are free. Please confirm whether the address of your accommodation is listed as “Naze◯◯, Amami” . Naze Kominato, Naze Oaza Nazegachi, Naze Oaza Chinase, and Naze Oaza Nesebu are outside the free transfer area.

(2) Even outside the Naze district, if it is on the route between Naze and the tour location, the transfer is free.
(Example) If participants in the Mangrove Kayak Tour wish to have round-trip transfers to Sumiyo Town, it is free.

Points to Note