5 beautiful beaches in Amami Oshima

Amami Oshima has many beautiful beaches. No matter where you go on the island, you’ll find stunning coastlines. Here are five highly recommended beaches there.

Sakibaru beach

Sakibaru beach in Amami Oshima

A secret beach in northern Amami Oshima, this beach is known by locals. With few people around, it’s a private paradise that remains serene whenever you visit.

Villa beach

Villa beach in Amami Oshima

In the northern part of Amami Oshima, there’s a beach with beautiful white sand. The highlight is the Heart Rock. When the tide is below 80 centimeters, a heart-shaped natural rock is revealed.

Ohama seaside park

Ohama seaside park in Amami Oshima

Located a 15-minute drive from Naze city center, this beach attracts people for summer swims and relaxation by the shore. It’s also famous for its sunset views, allowing you to witness the sun setting into the East China Sea during the summer.

Yadori beach

Yadori beach in Amami Oshima

The southernmost beach on Amami Oshima boasts a beautiful white sand beach. With a campsite, it’s an ideal spot for winter camping, shielding from the northern winds. While a bit remote, for those without a rental car, consider renting an e-bike from Koniya. This way, you can enjoy the scenic coastal views on a cycling journey from Koniya to Yadori Beach.

Kuninao beach

Kuninao beach in Amami Oshima

This beach is situated in Kuninao village in the southwest of Amami Oshima. It features a deep inlet, creating a calm beach less affected by ocean swells. The beautiful coral makes it ideal for snorkeling in the summer.

Which beach do you want to go?

Amami Oshima’s UNESCO-listed forests and stunning coral reef beaches make it a captivating destination. The beaches mentioned can be explored on this tour. Why not relax on the beach and unwind from your travels?