Amami Island Certified Guide

Hello everyone, this is Seiya. I have been working as a guide for five years on Amami Oshima, and last month I was able to obtain certification as an Amami Oshima Certified Eco Tour Guide. This time, I would like to introduce you to this certification system.

What is a Certified Guide?

According to the Amami Archipelago Ecotourism Promotion Council, a certified guide is defined as someone who has deep knowledge of the nature and culture of the Amami Archipelago, provides visitors with safe and high-quality experiences, and takes responsibility for environmental conservation in the region. Currently, it is a rule that entry into the Kinsakubaru National Forest requires the accompaniment of the guide.

How to become the guide

To become a certified guide, there are several steps. First, you must reside on Amami Oshima for more than two years and gain at least one year of guiding experience to become a registered guide. This also requires completion of first aid training. Additionally, you need to complete guide training sessions held regularly over two years. After completing the training, registered guides can attend the final training to obtain certification.

The value of being a certified guide

Becoming a certified guide requires experience and years of practice, as mentioned above. Therefore, obtaining certification as a guide somewhat guarantees the career of that individual as a guide. Furthermore, being it allows for guiding in places like the Kinsakubaru National Forest, expanding the scope of activities.

To have a sense of awareness as a certified guide

Whether certified or not, it’s important not to forget that there are many wonderful guides on Amami Oshima. Certification is just one qualification, and I believe the true value of a guide lies in their ability to entertain and satisfy customers. I want to remember this and continue guiding with humility every day.

Kinsakubaru Walking Tour have begun

Kinsakubaru forest

We have started accepting bookings for the Kinsakubaru National Forest Tour. Join us for an approximately 1-hour walking tour to explore the Kinsakubaru National Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t miss out, book your spot now!