Meet Amami’s Endemic Animals

Amami Oshima was designated as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site due to its richness in biodiversity. Amami Oshima is home to 13% of Japan’s mammals, 47% of its birds, and 20% of its amphibians. You can explore many endemic animals on the wildlife night tour.

Night tours primarily involve searching for animals from the safety of the vehicle. There is no walking along the nighttime roads, so there is no danger involved.

What kind of animals can we expect?

Amami Rabbit

Found a Amami rabbit during a wildlife tour

The Amami Rabbit is the most famous endemic species of Amami Oshima, often referred to as a living fossil, having survived since 3 million years ago.

Amami Ishikawa’s Frog

Found a Amami Ishikawa's frog during a wildlife tour

The Amami Woodcock is a nocturnal bird that forages on the ground, characterized by its long beak.

Amami Woodcock

Found an Amami woodcock during a wildlife tour in Amami Oshima

The Amami Ishikawa’s Frog features a vibrant green body with black and gold dots and is known for its distinctive cry, earning it the title of “Japan’s most beautiful frog.” While it’s listed as an endangered species, you can spot it by joining night tours on rainy days.

Habu Snake

Habu snake on the road

The Habu snake is the most feared animal by the island people. It’s nocturnal and highly venomous, making it the most dangerous creature on Amami Oshima. However, encounters during tours are rare, and as a guide, I would be pleased if we spot one.

Available Wildlife Watching Tour

Wildlife Night Tour

It is a night tour where we drive at a slow speed through the forest to search for wildlife. You look for creatures appearing in various places such as on the road, on the trees, and even on power lines.

Duration: 2.5 hours~
Price per person
1 Adult (13+) ¥8,000
1 Child (5~12) ¥4,000
1 Infant (~4) ¥1,000
Single person ¥15,000

Mini Nature Walk & Wildlife Night Tour

You will walk through the forest in the evening while observing nature. Here, you can observe birds, fish swimming in the river, and various plants. During the walk, we will descend to the riverside for a tea break. Afterward, we will conduct a night tour in the forest.

Duration: 3.5 hours~
Price per person
1 Adult (13+) ¥9,900
1 Child (~12)¥4,000
Single person ¥17,000

Mt.Yuwandake Nature Walk & Wildlife Night Tour

In the afternoon, we will take a nature walk in Mt.Yuwandake, the most important area of the Natural World Heritage site. After dinner, we will explore wildlife. Mt.Yuwandake is a unique subtropical forest called a cloud forest, characterized by high humidity year-round and frequent mist. By visiting the forest both during the day and at night, you can observe different plants and animals.

Duration: 6 hours~
Price per person
1 Adult (13+) ¥20,000
1 Child ¥10,000
Single person ¥36,000