Ideas for Sustainable Eco-Tourism on Amami Oshima

Hello everyone! This is Seiya.
I participated in a seminar about tourism last week and learned about initiatives towards sustainability. Here are some aspects of sustainability that tourism operators on Amami Oshima can focus on:

  1. Choosing Environmentally Friendly Tools:
    • Carry a reusable bottle during tours.
    • Use business cards made from recycled paper.
    • Use sunscreen that does not contain harmful ingredients for coral reefs.
      Reusable water bottle, business cards made from recycled paper, and environmentally friendly sunscreen.
  2. Minimizing Stress on Animals:
    • Ensure wildlife observation without causing stress to animals.
    • During our night tours, we make an effort to use handheld lights with red light, as red light is considered less disruptive to wildlife.
      Amami rabbit illuminated by red light
  3. Supporting Local Businesses:
    • When stopping for meals or shopping, I visit businesses owned by locals on Amami Oshima. This helps circulate money within the local economy.
  4. Introduction of Electric Vehicles:
    • Electric vehicles are necessary for reducing CO2 emissions, and some operators have already introduced them. Although we haven’t implemented this yet, we aim to have electric vehicles in the future.

There are many other ways we can contribute to the planet. Let’s continue sharing ideas and choosing environmentally friendly practices.