Top 3 Tours on Link Adventures at Amami Oshima

Hello everyone!
Today, I’d like to introduce three popular tours at Link Adventures. If you’re unsure about which tour to join, feel free to use these as a reference.

Private Mangrove Kayaking Tour

This is the most popular activity on Amami Oshima. Enjoy kayaking in the unique subtropical mangrove forest. Get your kayak at a leisurely pace in a serene space where you can forget about your daily life. Our guides will provide instructions on kayaking, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. We also offer a plan where you can have breakfast in the early morning amidst the mangroves.

Paddling through the mangroves while watching the sunrise.
Paddling through the tunnel of mangroves in a kayak.

Mt.Yuwandake and Materiya Waterfall Tour

This half-day tour takes you through the most important areas of the World Heritage site, Mt.Yuwandake, and the popular Materiya Waterfall. In Mt.Yuwandake, you can see a variety of plants during a 30-minute walk. Materiya Waterfall is a beautiful and photogenic spot.

A man walking up the stairs of Mt.Yuwandake.
A couple enjoying the view of a waterfall.

Wildlife Night Tour

Many of the unique creatures on Amami Oshima are nocturnal. Venture into the mountains at night with our guide’s vehicle to search for wildlife. You might encounter animals like the Amami rabbit or Amami woodcock during this tour. We prioritize the latest precautions for animal watching. While maintaining enough distance, we take measures such as using red lights to minimize stress on wildlife.

Found a Amami rabbit during a wildlife tour
Found a Amami wood cock during a wildlife tour

We have many more tours available. If you’re undecided on which tour to join, please feel free to consult with us. You can contact us via messenger as well.

今回は、Link Adventuresで人気のツアーを3つご紹介します。どのツアーに参加しようか迷った時は参考にしてください。