Remort work place in Amami

Hello everyone,

Recently, the number of foreign travelers visiting Amami Oshima has been increasing, and in the past three months, I have guided many foreign tourists. Most of my clients are from Europe, and recently I guided guests from Germany, France, and Slovenia. Many of these European visitors stay in Japan for over a month, traveling around the country for a few days at a time. Some of them even work remotely while traveling.

In this page, I would like to introduce a facility in Amami Oshima that are ideal for remote work, along with my personal experience of using them.

WorkStyle Lab Inno

There are several facilities in Amami Oshima where you can work remotely. This time, I will introduce the WorkStyle Lab Inno located in the Naze area. WorkStyle Lab is about a 10-minute drive from downtown.

The appeal of this place is that you can use a workspace equipped with Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, and a copier at a reasonable price.

My Experience Using It

I used the co-working space. The room was spacious, air-conditioned, and comfortable. The Wi-Fi was fast, and I downloaded a 1GB video file in just a few minutes.


The main fees are as follows:

•   Co-working space: ¥200 per hour, per person, ¥1,000 per day
•   Meeting space: ¥1,000 per hour, ¥5,000 per day
•   PC rental: ¥100 per hour

How to Use

They have a website, but it is only in Japanese and does not support English. You can make a reservation, but it rarely gets fully booked, so you can also register at the reception on the day.

Enjoy workcation in Amami Oshima!

WorkStyle Lab Inno is a comfortable facility for workcations and remote work. With high-speed Wi-Fi and PC rentals available, you can handle urgent work easily. If you plan to stay in Amami Oshima for an extended period, let’s consider using it.

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