4 Hours Oshima Tsumugi and Mud-Dyeing Experience


  • Make your own craft with mud dyeing.
  • Learn about the techniques from artisans.
  • Get an up-close look at the intricate production process of Oshima Tsumugi.

Oshima Tsumugi fabric is a traditional craft from Amami Oshima Island. It has a long history of 1300 years. While Japanese people have moved away from wearing kimono, reducing its production, the traditional techniques have been passed down to today’s artisans. In this tour, accompanied by an English interpreter guide, you will visit authentic artisan workshops. You’ll have the chance to create your own craft through mud dyeing and witness the intricate production process.



The guide will provide a briefing on the history of Oshima Tsumugi silk.

Mud dyeing(2hours)

Experience one of the crucial steps in Oshima Tsumugi silk production – “Mud dyeing”. An artisan will instruct you on how to dye the fabric. You can take home the craft you create here.

Observe the production process of Oshima Tsumugi silk(30min)

An artisan will guide you through the process, from spinning the threads, deciding on the design, and weaving to the final completion.
You’ll have the opportunity to see the artisan’s skills up close.

Return to hotel

At a glance

Duration4 hours ~ (3 hours Activity + transfer)
Pickup time8:30AM / 1:00PM
Drop-off time12:30PM / 5:00PM
Price1 Adult (13+) ¥15,000
1 Child ¥10,000
Single person ¥25,000
Max number of participants6 people
What to bringSun Hat, Shoes, Towel, Drink, Sunscreen, Bug spray
PaymentCash / Credit card / QR cord ※
※Alipay+, WeChat Pay, UnionPay QR, COIN+, PayPay, au Pay are available.

What’s Included?

  • Qualified English Interpreter Guide
  • Registered Amami Oshima eco-tour guide
  • Round-trip transfers to the hotel.
  • Domestic Travel Accident Insurance for Accidents during the Tour
  • Dyeing experience fee and material cost

Additional info

  • We do not conduct the experience on Sundays.
  • Mud dyeing in the mud field may not be possible depending on the weather conditions. In such cases, you will be able to experience mud dyeing using the prepared mud tubs inside the studio.Regardless of the weather, we will always conduct the dyeing process in the mud buckets to ensure the color sets properly.
  • During the mud dyeing experience, it is recommended to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty (preferably black in color).
  • The pick-up and drop-off times may vary depending on your accommodation.
  • You are welcome to bring cotton materials (such as T-shirts or bags) for the mud dyeing experience. If the material exceeds 280g, an additional fee of 70 yen per 10g will be charged.
  • During the mud dyeing process, a unique scent from the dye may be present. If you are sensitive to smells, please notify us in advance. We will provide masks during the experience.


Is it held in case of rain?

It is conducted in rainy weather. For the mud dyeing experience, you can participate in the activity inside the artisan studio without getting wet. If it’s heavy rain or various warnings being issued, the situation will be assessed, and the activity may be canceled.

Can children under the age of 6 participate as well?

Children under the age of 6 can participate only if their parents are able to take care of them during the tour. If they join the mud dyeing experience together, there will be a charge for the child, but if they only accompany without participating, it is free of charge.

Cancellation policy

  • 3 days prior : 50% refund
  • 2 days prior : No refund (100% cancellation fee)
  • 1 day prior : No refund (100% cancellation fee)
  • On the day of the tour : No refund (100% cancellation fee)

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