1 Day Mt. Yuwandake Cloud Forest Hiking Tour

This hiking tour is available from December to April in Amami. Bookings can be made outside of this period.


  • Enjoy hiking in the lush greenery of Amami Oshima.
  • Visit the unique scenery created by water and plants.
  • Spending a day at Mt. Yuwandake helps us understand the biodiversity of this mountain.
A couple enjoying the view of a waterfall.

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mt.Yuwandake, the most significant area on Amami Oshima. Mt.Yuwadnake is the highest peak in the Ryukyu Archipelago and this unique environment known as the cloud forest. This unique environment is the reason for the diverse flora and fauna found nowhere else. On this tour, you will hike Mt.Yuwadnake from the 7th station with a guide, allowing you to observe a variety of plants in this extraordinary environment.


Pick-up at your hotel

If you do not require transfer services, please meet at Amamishi NazeUndo park

Stop at view point

Take a break with a nice view.
The place with small streams and ferns.

Arrive at parking lot

The guide will give the points to note during trekking.

Start hiking

The hiking begins from the 7th station of Mt.Yuwandake. We will walk along the mountain trail for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. In the core area of the UNESCO World Heritage site, you can encounter a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Arrival at the observatory

Let’s take in the panoramic views from the observation deck. We will have lunch here.

Return path

We will make our way back.

Materia falls

Visit the mystical waterfall.

Return to hotel

At a glance

Duration7 hours ~ (4 hours Activity + transfer)
Pickup time9:00AM
Drop-off time4:00PM
Price1 Adult (13+) ¥20,000
1 Child ¥10,000
Single person ¥36,000
Transfer ServiceFree for Naze area.
For other areas will be charged 20 yen per kilometer based on the distance. Please refer to the guidelines for more details.
Max number of participants6 people
What to bringHat or Cap, Change of clothes, Rain jacket and pants, Towel, Drink, Sunscreen, Gloves (only in winter)
Clothes・May to October: Lightweight long-sleeved shirt and pants, shoes. Short sleeves are acceptable for those not concerned about insect bites.
・November to April: Long-sleeved shirt and pants, shoes. Please ensure you have a jacket. In winter, temperatures near the summit can drop to 5 degrees Celsius.
PaymentCash / Credit card / QR cord ※
※Alipay+, WeChat Pay, UnionPay QR, COIN+, PayPay, au Pay are available.

About Hiking

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Round-trip distance:4.1km

What’s Included?

  • English-speaking Guide
  • Certified Amami Oshima eco-tour guide
  • Domestic Travel Accident and Damage Compensation Insurance for Accidents during the Tour
  • Lunch

Additional info

  • Your pick-up time varies depending on your accommodation location. We will inform you of the pick-up time after your booking is confirmed.
  • Lunch will be provided lunch box. Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies or food restrictions.
  • Mt.Yuwandake receives a significant amount of rainfall, with approximately 60% of tour days being rainy or cloudy. Kindly understand and be prepared to walk in the rain.
  • Please bring a rain jacket and pants. While we can provide raincoats, we recommend bringing your own as they may have limited waterproof capabilities.
  • The hiking destination is a shrine with an observation deck. Please understand that access to the summit, located a few hundred meters ahead, is prohibited to preserve the natural environment.


Is it held in case of rain?

It is conducted in rainy weather. However, if heavy rain or various warnings are issued, we will assess the situation and there may be cases where it is canceled.

Will we walk in the forest?

Yes, we will be walking on the mountain trail. Please make sure to wear proper shoes and long pants.

Are there any dangers from Habu snakes?

While daytime is not the active period for Habu snakes, it’s important to exercise caution while walking. Please always follow the guide’s instructions.

Cancellation policy

  • 3 days prior : 50% refund
  • 2 days prior : No refund (100% cancellation fee)
  • 1 day prior : No refund (100% cancellation fee)
  • On the day of the tour : No refund (100% cancellation fee)

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