Amami Oshima Island One-Day Sightseeing Tour


  • A one-day sightseeing tour including Kinzokuhara Forest
  • Immerse yourself in the nature of Amami Oshima and relax
  • Combine activities such as mangrove kayaking and mud dyeing.
  • Explore secret spots not found in guidebooks.
Two guys standing in front of the waterfall.
Two girls are posing under the tall tree fern in Kinsakubaru forest.
Ohama beach with white sand
Visit Jack's beanstalk sight during the sightseeing tour.
A women looking water fall.
A women standing on the path in the forest.

You can fully enjoy the natural landscapes and cultural sights of Amami Oshima in one day. This tour can be tailored to your preferences. If you want to spend a relaxing day, we can visit places that do not require physical exertion, such as observation decks. Additionally, we can add activities according to your preferences.

Sample Itinerary

Here’s a sample itinerary for the sightseeing tour.

Pick-up at your hotel
Ohama Seaside Park

Visit a beach and observation point

Kinsakubaru Forest
Two women are waling on the small pass in Kinsakubaru forest.

Walking around a forest where designated a UNESCO site and National park.
Observe plants and birds etc.


Take you to a recommended local restaurant.

A woman taking a photo in front of the waterfall.

Visit a waterfall appearing in untouched nature.

Giant bean tree
Visit Jack's beanstalk sight during the sightseeing tour.

We’ll visit the tree that inspired Jack and the Beanstalk. The twisted giant tree and the world’s largest bean are truly astonishing.

Kayaking at Mangrove Forest
A woman is enjoying kayaking in the mangrove forest.

You can also choose optional activities such as kayaking in the mangroves, visiting a shochu distillery, and fabric mud dyeing.

Return to hotel

Note: The course is just an example. You can request to swap destinations or add more according to your preferences. Please tell us in advance.

At a glance

Pickup time9:00AM
Drop-off time4:00~5:00PM
Price(Size of Group / Price per person)
1 / ¥35,000
2 / ¥20,000
3 / ¥18,000
4 / ¥16,000
5~6 / ¥14,000

*(Size of Family / Price per Group)
3 / ¥46,000
4 / ¥58,000
5~6 / ¥65,000
Optional ActivityKayaking ¥2,200/pp
Mud dyeing ¥5,500/pp
Shochu distillery visit ¥1,100/pp
Transfer ServiceFree for Naze, Tastugo, Kasari, Sumiyo, and Yamato area
Setouchi and Uken areas will be charged 20 yen per kilometer based on the distance. Please refer to the guidelines for more details.
Max number of participants6 people
What to bringHat or Cap, Shoes, Towel, Drink, Sunscreen,
PaymentCash / Credit card / QR cord ※Alipay+, WeChat Pay, UnionPay QR, COIN+, PayPay, auPay are available.
*A family must include at least a kid(s) less than 15 years of age.

What’s Included?

Additional info

  • You can enjoy optional activities such as mud dyeing and kayaking. Please inquire in advance.
  • If you have a child under the age of 4, we will guide you to a different location instead of Kinsakubatu Forest.


Is it held in case of rain?

It is conducted in rainy weather. However, if heavy rain or various warnings are issued, we will assess the situation and there may be cases where it is canceled.

Can elderly individuals and infants participate in this tour?

Sightseeing tours are suitable for participants of all ages. The destinations are determined based on the physical capabilities and preferences of our customers.

Cancellation policy

  • 3 days prior : 50% refund
  • 2 days prior : No refund (100% cancellation fee)
  • 1 day prior : No refund (100% cancellation fee)
  • On the day of the tour : No refund (100% cancellation fee)

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