【Tour Report】Chilling At The Mangrove In the Morning Tour

We did an Early Morning Mangrove Kayaking Tour with a couple from Switzerland who are staying in Amami Oshima for about five days. We picked them up at 6 a.m. in Naze. Despite the rain in Naze, it stopped as soon as we arrived at the mangroves, and the sky was beautifully painted red by the morning sun.

As we started paddling the kayaks, the sounds of birds surrounded us, and we glided through the mirror-like water into the depths of the mangroves. The tranquil mangrove area was exclusively reserved for the three of us.

After about 40 minutes of paddling, we had breakfast. We prepared sandwiches for the couple, made by a local guesthouse called Kamihouse, using ingredients from Amami Oshima.

We enjoyed the unique scenery that can only be seen in the early morning mangroves.