The Recommended Tour in December

Hello, everyone. As we approach the end of November, with just one month left in 2023. Amami Oshima is starting to feel the winter chill. This time, we would like to introduce our recommended tour for December: the ‘Half-Day Mt.Yuwandake and Materia Waterfall Excursion.

What Kind of Tour?

The Half-Day Mt. Yuwandake and Materia Waterfall Excursion departs from the hotel in the afternoon, offering the opportunity to enjoy Mt. Yuwandake and Materia Waterfall. Mt. Yuwandake has two climbing trails, but this tour uses the trail on the Yamato Village side. This path is relatively easy to climb, featuring wooden stairs, and the distance to the destination observatory is approximately 500 meters, making it a short and convenient trek. You can appreciate the unique plants of Amami Oshima and the distinctive environment of Mt. Yuwandake known as cloud forest. In December, the vibrant red mushroom-like flowers of the Yakushima birdlime plant are in full bloom. After ascending Mt. Yuwandake, the tour also includes a visit to Materia Waterfall.

Recommended Points

①Low-intensity Exercise, Suitable for All

The trek to Mt. Yuwandake involves a one-way journey of 500 meters on wooden stairs, taking about 30 minutes of leisurely walking to reach the destination. At Materia Waterfall, you descend stairs from the parking lot to reach the basin. Therefore, anyone without difficulty in everyday walking or climbing stairs can join the tour.


②Low Risk of Habu Snake Encounters

December has lower temperatures, reducing the activity of the habu snake. If you’ve been hesitant to explore Amami Oshima’s mountains due to fear of habu snakes, this season provides a safer environment. However, caution is still essential, and our guides will provide safety instructions to ensure a worry-free experience. It’s worth noting that encounters with habu snakes on this trail are rare even in the summer.

③Guided Exploration of Mountain Trails

Navigating the mountain roads of Amami Oshima can be challenging, resembling a maze with rough paths. For those uneasy about driving through unfamiliar mountain roads, our guided tour offers a comfortable and secure experience. You’ll travel in our guide’s vehicle, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable journey between locations.

Important Points for Tour Participation

①High Rainfall and Low Temperatures

Winter at Mt. Yuwandake is known for frequent rainfall. While we can provide rain ponchos, it’s recommended to bring your own rain gear, preferably a familiar set of separates. The hiking trail is lined with trees, making it unsuitable for umbrellas. Additionally, the temperature is estimated to be approximately 4 degrees lower than ground level, considering a decrease of 0.65 degrees for every 100 meters of elevation gain. Prepare for cold temperatures, as it may drop to single digits.

②Limited Visibility from the Observation Deck

Due to the high humidity in the cloud forest environment of Mt. Yuwandake, where mist and clouds linger throughout the year, the probability of clear views from the observation deck is low. While the landscape might not be fully visible, the tour focuses on enjoying the origin of Amami Oshima, rare endemic species, and the natural environment.

③Not a Rigorous Climbing Tour

This tour is designed for a short and easy nature walk to appreciate the natural surroundings. As mentioned earlier, the main activity involves ascending and descending well-maintained wooden stairs. It’s not intended for those expecting a rigorous climbing experience, so please be aware of the content.

For more details about the tour, you can check here. If you’re unsure about what to do in winter in Amami Oshima, feel free to contact us without hesitation.


Half-Day Mt.Yuwandake and Materia Waterfall Excursionは午後にホテルを出発し湯湾岳とマテリアの滝を楽しむツアーです。湯湾岳は二つ登山道がありますが、このツアーでは大和村側の登山道を使います。大和村側の登山道は木の階段が敷かれているため比較的登りやすく、目的地の展望台までの距離も約500mと短く手軽です。奄美大島固有の植物や、雲霧林という湯湾岳の特殊な環境を楽しむことができます。12月にはヤクシマツチトリモチという赤いキノコのような花を咲かす植物が見頃です。また、湯湾岳に登った後はマテリアの滝に立ち寄ります。