Amami and the Beanstalk

Do you know the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”? It tells of Jack planting a magical bean he received from an old man, which grew into a giant tree reaching the heavens. There is a tree in Amami Oshima believed to be the inspiration for this fairy tale—the Box Beans tree.

Box Beans, a plant native to Southeast Asia and Africa, is thought to have arrived on Amami Oshima ages ago, carried by ocean currents. It is the world’s largest bean, growing over 1 meter. While there are various types of Box Beans worldwide, it is likely exclusive to Amami Oshima in Japan (different types can be found on Iriomote Island and Yakushima).

The natural habitat of Box Beans in Amami Oshima creates a beautiful space shaped by the trees. In recent years, there has been a bountiful harvest of beans, and now you can see the spectacle of large beans hanging from the trees. Take this opportunity to visit and see this enchanting sight!

You can visit this location by participating in this tour.

 モダマ は東南アジアやアフリカなどに自生している植物で、奄美大島には大昔に豆が海流に乗って運ばれてきたと考えられています。世界一大きな豆で、1m以上に成長します。モダマは世界中に何種類かあるそうですが、日本ではおそらく奄美大島以外にはありません。(西表島と屋久島には違う種類のモダマがあります。)