Fieldwork with the legend guide of Amami Oshima

I participated in a training session for guides on Amami Oshima. This time, it involved classroom lectures and fieldwork led by a legendary guide of Amami Oshima. He is not only a guide but also a photographer and a nature conservationist with a 40-year career on the island. He generously shared the knowledge he has accumulated over the past four decades, accompanied by stunning photographs.

Showing image of Temminck’s Cormorant

Despite my usual role as a guide, leading tours through forests and showing my customers wildlife, participating in such training allows me to acquire new knowledge. In the field, we learned about rare plants, the blooming seasons of flowers, prime locations for bird watching, animal habitats, and various aspects of wildlife ecology.

Broad leaf wild ginger (IUCN:EN, MOE:EN)

Amami Oshima’s forests are home to numerous endemic plants, many of which are designated as endangered or rare species.

Wind orchid (MOE: VU)

I felt the guide’s responsibility to preserve the nature that senior guides on the island have protected over the years and to convey its value to customers and future generations.