Recommended Amami Tour in April

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Let me introduce you to the recommended Mangrove Kayaking Tour for April. Mangrove kayaking tours are one of the most popular activities on Amami Oshima and can be enjoyed all year round. On this page, I’ll introduce why April is recommended for mangroves.

Kayaking through the narrow waterways of the mangroves.

What are Mangrove Forests?

First of all, what are mangrove forests? Mangrove forests is that grow in brackish water where seawater and freshwater mix. Here, the trees are heavily influenced by the ebb and flow of the tides, so they are submerged during high tide. Why the trees don’t die when submerged in seawater? Join the tour to find out!

Reason 1: Enjoyable weather in April

In April, the temperature is warm, and the fresh greenery is beautiful.

One reason to recommend a mangrove kayaking tour in April is that the temperature rises and it becomes comfortable to enjoy. From December to March, the temperature on Amami Oshima is low, and even when kayaking, you can feel the cold. However, from April, the cold eases, and you can comfortably paddle. April still sees a fair amount of rain, but it’s not freezing, so you can still enjoy the mangroves even in the rain.

Reason 2: Experience the significant tidal difference and feel the power of nature

Participants looking up while kayaking.

From April to May, the tidal difference becomes very significant. On some days, the sea level changes by as much as 250cm in 6 hours. Mangroves are no exception and are greatly affected by this phenomenon. During high tide, you can kayak through narrow waterways like a jungle cruise, and during low tide, you can observe numerous crabs and other creatures on the tidal flats. Personally, what I like is watching the tide come in. By the water’s edge, you can clearly see the tidal flats being eroded by the water. You can feel the power of nature.

Reason 3: Relatively fewer people

Paddling through the sparsely populated mangroves of Amami Oshima.

Mangrove kayaking is a popular activity, so during holiday seasons or in summer, there are many people enjoying kayaking. On the other hand, April is a less crowded time, allowing you to enjoy the mangroves leisurely.

Available Mangrove Tours

Link Adventures offers two mangrove tours:

  1. Private Mangrove Kayaking Tour
    This tour is a private guided kayak tour just for you. We’ll guide you to quiet waterways away from crowded routes and where group tours don’t usually go.
  2. Morning Mangrove Kayaking Tour
    This tour starts in the early morning when there’s nobody around. Morning mangroves have a special atmosphere that words cannot describe. It’s a special tour where you start paddling while listening to the birds singing and have breakfast along the way.

We’ve introduced the popular Mangrove Kayaking Tour on Amami Oshima this time. Mangrove tours, where there are few people, warm weather, and you can feel the great outdoors, are perfect for making memories. We also have many other tours available. If you’re unsure about which tour to join, please feel free to contact us.






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