Travel to Taiwan from Amami Part1

Hello everyone. This is Seiya from Link Adventures. I took a one-week vacation and traveled to Taiwan. It was my fourth trip to Taiwan, but it was my first overseas trip since the pandemic. I’ll share about visiting new places and the discoveries I made.

Scenes from a temple near Sun Moon Lake

Flying to Taiwan on a late-night flight

There are no international flights from Amami Oshima, so to go to Taiwan, you need to transit through Okinawa, Fukuoka, Osaka, Narita Airport, etc. Peach Aviation had a discounted ticket sale in February, so I booked a ticket from Narita Airport to Taipei (Taoyuan Airport) at that time. The plane departed from Narita at 10 p.m. and arrived in Taiwan at 1 a.m. the next day. Most of the people on the plane heading to Taiwan were Taiwanese, and it felt like they were enjoying their trip in Japan and heading back home.

The Lantern Town “Shifen”

After taking a nap at the airport, I headed to Shifen, one of the destinations for the day. Before taking the bus to Shifen, I had breakfast in Taipei. I ordered a Taiwanese rice ball, which is rice wrapped in red rice with ingredients (I’m not sure what) rolled into it. I felt nostalgic for Taiwanese meals after a long time.

Woman selling rice balls at a food stall in Taipei.
Taiwanese rice ball.

Taking a train a few stations from Taipei and then a bus from Muzha Station to Shifen. After an hour on the bus, buildings gradually disappeared, and it became a mountain road.

Scenery from the bus.

The bus arrived at Shifen, famous for its sky lanterns. It seemed like a small village with many lantern and food shops, and there’s a railway passing through the middle of the village. Many tourists visit here to release sky lanterns.

Tourists flying lanterns in the town of Shifen.

There were many shops, and it was a lively town surrounded by shop assistants trying to attract customers in Japanese and English. One disappointing thing was that although Shifen is a beautiful place with nature, there was lantern litter scattered in rivers and forests. Lanterns are made of paper, so I was worried about whether they would return to the soil.

The Setting of the Movie “Jiufen”

I transferred from train to bus from Shifen and visited Jiufen. Jiufen is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Taiwan. It is famous for being (unofficially) said to be the model for “Spirited Away” for Japanese people.

Teahouse in Jiufen, which also served as a model for a movie.

Jiufen was bustling with diverse tourists from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, China, Europe, etc.

Many food stalls lined the old streets of Jiufen. Most shops in Jiufen open at 10:30 a.m. and close at 7:30 p.m., so this time is the busiest.

Parfait purchased on Jiufen's Old Street.
Bubble milk tea purchased on Jiufen's Old Street.

I stayed overnight in Jiufen this day.
To be continued in the second part.


奄美大島からは国際線が飛んでおらず、台湾に行くには沖縄、福岡、大阪、成田空港などを経由する必要があります。Peach Aviationが航空券の割引セールを2月にやっていいたので、その際に成田空港から台北(桃園空港)行きのチケットを予約しました。飛行機は夜10時に成田を出発し、翌午前1時に台湾に到着しました。台湾に向かう飛行機の中は台湾人がほとんどで、皆日本での旅行を楽しんで帰路に着く途中といった感じでした。