The Underwater Training

A while ago, I participated in a special training organized by Japan Water Patrol. I had the opportunity to try big SUP surfing and underwater rock training, which had piqued my interest for some time. There were two main reasons I wanted to try rock training.

Firstly, for my own safety. In my daily life, I enjoy water sports like kayaking, surfing, and SUP. I find enjoyment in riding the waves, but being somewhat cautious, I avoid waves that exceed my skill level. However, unexpected large waves can still occur. What if I get caught in a wave and wiped out? Rock training prepares for such situation.

Secondly, for the safety of those around me. I sometimes guide customer on kayaks, go surfing with friends, or paddle canoes together. What if, by chance, someone I’m with gets trouble at sea? I believe having the ability to handle basic emergencies is essential.

For those curious about rock training, I’ll share a video.

In the video, the person diving shirtless is me. The initial scene’s water depth was approximately 7 meters. While I could only manage about five steps running, those with more training were sprinting significantly. Additionally, we carried rocks, performed backflips, surfaced on the water, played rugby, and had various other exercises. Through these activities, I came to understand my own limits.

Always remain humble in the ocean. Assess the situation without pushing too hard. I gained yet another valuable insight.


 少し前の話ですが、Japan Water Patrol さん主催のスペシャルトレーニングに参加しました。ビッグSUPのサーフィンと、前から気になっていたロックトレーニングをさせて頂きました。特にロックトレーニングをやってみたいと思っていた理由は2つあります。