【New Tour】Mt.Yuwandake & Materia Waterfall Short Tour

Hello everyone. Amami Oshima Island is indeed an island with a lot of rainfall. Due to heavy rain in June 2023, the road from Uken Village to Mt.Yuwandake suffered a landslide and is currently closed for construction.

As a result, 1 Day Mt.Yuwandake Cloud Forest Excursion is not being offered at the moment. Instead, a new half-day tour to Mt.Yuwandake and Materia waterfall has been introduced. This tour starts from the Mt.Yuwandake entrance on the Yamato Village side and takes you to the viewpoint near the summit. The distance is short, and you’ll walk for about 30 minutes on wooden steps to reach the top. Compared to the entrance on the Uken Village side, it’s about one-third of the distance and time, but you’ll have the opportunity to see many unique plant species. You can also enjoy the distinctive cloud forest atmosphere of Mt.Yuwandake. The view from the viewpoint is breathtaking on clear days.

After descending, you’ll visit Materia waterfall, which is also a mystical waterfall in the World Heritage Area.

Amami Oshima’s World Heritage Area around Mt.Yuwadake offers a chance to enjoy genuine nature with fewer tourists. For more details about the tour, please check the following page.